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Welcome to Faucet CoinP DOGE Coin Faucet !

You do not need to create account here, but DOGE address you enter should be linked with your Faucetpay.io account.

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Earn 15% lifetime commission from your referrals.

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What is Dogecoin ?

Dogecoin is an open-source digital currency that is used by internet users worldwide.

The framework is based on Litecoin, meaning that all modifications and updates made to it will also be made to Dogecoin.

The initial aim of the coin was not to create an innovative technology or something novel and impressive, but rather to create an easy to use transaction platform.

Dogecoin has a strong and loyal userbase who use Doge as a currency rather than just hold it as a speculative asset. Although, like other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin can definitely be held as an investment or traded in pursuit of making a profitable return.

Why Crypto Faucet ?

If you’re asking “Why should I sign up for a crypto faucet?”, the answer is easy. Who doesn’t like free money? Altcoin faucets are a great way to take your first steps into the world of cryptocurrency, without any risk. Visit a website, click a button, get satoshis. It’s often that easy.

Part of understanding “What is a crypto faucet?” is understanding what it isn’t. A faucet is not a get rich quick scheme. Each faucet claim pays out fractions of a cent. Collect long enough, and you’ll have some money to spend, but it won’t happen overnight.

Crypto faucets should be looked at as a fun way to play around with cryptocurrency, without having to invest any of your hard earned money. Though, with the rate things are rising, that $0.10 you have now might be worth $1, or even $10, a year from now!

If you’re asking “Why do crypto faucets exist?” or “Isn’t this too good to be true?”, well, that’s also pretty easy. Faucet owners use them to make money.